Education should be better

Let's DoOO something about it

Discover the philosophy, praxis and growing community of Domain of One's Own (DoOO), where educators and students are taking back control. Right here in Scotland.

What is DoOO?

The Domain of One’s Own educational philosophy develops digital literacy among students and staff by providing them with their own domain name, web hosting, and facilitating critical inquiry. Originally conceived and developed within the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies (DTLT) at University Mary Washington, this radical initiative has been hugely popular and adopted by universities across the US and internationally. 

  • If you attended DoOO: Something Terrific, or missed out, you can access the accompanying blog post here.
  • If you want to find or share ideas about how DoOO can be used to enhance teaching and learning, check out the Dream collection here. The collection has only just started, so check back regularly!

Imagine better

  • 'Liberation depends upon a thought - a thought that things as they are can be different than they are.'

    Sean Michael Morris
  • ‘Home. Territory. Space. Place. To claim your domain online—and specifically, to help learners claim their domains—taps into all of these meanings. It is about taking control over our virtual spaces and our personal, virtual territory. It is about knowledge—our personal knowledge that we can showcase to others. It is about building a digital home.’

    Audrey Watters
  • When students take learning into their own hands, they have no use for learning management systems.

    Jesse Stommel