Discover DoOO

If you’re new to Domain of One’s Own (DoOO), everything you need to know about the history and philosophy of DoOO has probably already been (and continues to be) written and presented by its pioneers from the original UMW project. A good starting point would be the following posts, which will also introduce you to these pioneers and their work:

A Brief History of Domain of One’s Own, Part 1

A Brief History of Domain of One’s Own, Part 2: The 12 Days of Domains

There’s lots of DoOO activity on social media around domains projects using #DoOO and there are plenty of videos available on YouTube, too, like this one:

This site has been set up by Liz Hudson from the University of the Highlands and Islands, with the ambition that DoOO can be made available to staff, students and local communities in northern Scotland. The starting point for these efforts is DoOO: Something Terrific, an introductory talk first presented at UHI’s first Digital Education Week, in 2019. A summary of the presentation will be available on this site shortly. Further information and resources will be added to the site in the coming months, so please check back regularly.

This site is hosted by Reclaim Hosting, the original DoOO host, founded by DoOO pioneers! If you simply can’t wait for DoOO to come to us, you can always get started with a personal account. And if you want to be part of the campaign, do get in touch.

Anyone wanting to get in touch with Liz regarding DoOO can do so via, Twitter via @lizlovelearn, or LinkedIn.